• General: Repaired the unit calculator page (thank you David for letting me know and for your donation!)
  • General: Removed all unnecessary tool and statistic pages everywhere
  • General: Added to the list of statistic pages
  • General: Removed the Grepo Stats button and the inactivity display because the don’t work anymore
  • General: Preparations for the upcoming In Demeter’s Name event.
  • Screenshot Tool: Removal of the sponsor link. You will now be redirected directly to your screenshot without detours.
  • Reports: Removal of the new bashpoint icon to reserve space for more important stuff.
  • Donations: A couple of months old but I didn’t forget you! Thank you – I really appreciate it!
    Jean Marie T. – 1€
    Peter F. – 2€


  • General: Added some buttons to the Halloween event window so you easily visit the online recipe book which I created. There are also two buttons to the current 1500 Gold Giveaway which I’m hosting and a poll about your favorite event rewards!
  • Donations: A huge thank you goes to the following people this time:
    Ines L. – 10€ (again – you’re awesome! 🙂 )
    Ivica K. – 5€
    Andreas E. – 5€
  • Senate: Fixed wrong calculation of the building points when a building was queued. This happened after the last update of Grepolis
  • Senate: Pushed all the necessary style for the building points display into the css file
  • Donations: Thank you Daniel W. for your donation of 1€ and thank you Nelson A. for your donation of 2€!
  • General: Some changes and bugfixes throughout the script to balance out the Grepolis update 2.94
  • General: I started to separate all the (CSS) styles into another single file. Not going into detail here but on the longrun I hope to increase the performance and robustness (against Grepolis updates) of the script. If you experience any problems try reloading the page one time. After that it should all work out.
  • Donations: My thanks go to the following people for keeping up the support – thank you!
    David P. – 1€
    Michael M. – 4€
    Hans-Jörg S. – 5€
    Sántha L. – 1€
    Sven B. – 2€
  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by WarOfGood)
  • Translations: Improvement of ES (by pinxu85)
  • Inactivity display: It’s back! And hopefully working for everyone…! Sry it took so long but this was a tricky one!
  • Donations: Thank you so much Sabine S. for your generous donation of 20€!

Something for you to remember: On the occasion of the new summer event of Grepolis there is another giveaway of a 10 € Paysafe card (1500 Gold) comming soon! Like last time you will be able to win additional points (tickets) every day to boost your winning chance. Subscribe to the newsletter or follow Grepolis QT on Facebook and Twitter if you don’t want to miss this first day of the giveaway!