Easter Giveaway – Winner and conclusion

The winner of the Easter Giveaway is

Jeffrey R. from the Netherlands


The Giveaway in numbers

  • Timeframe: 72 hours
  • Participants: 747 Personen
  • Entries: 5561 entries
  • Most entries: 134 entries
  • Entries of the winner: 20 entries
  • Facebook: 184 new Likes
  • Twitter: 187 new Follower
  • Google+: 37 new Follower
  • Comments: 119 comments

How the winner was selected

This was an automated process made by the tool ( I used for the giveaway. They use to draw a random entry. That means that your chance of being picked increased the more entries you had collected. By the way: I never had the possibility to to recognize some of you or to pick someone specifically because any info about you was encrypted the whole time.

Personal conclusion

Even though the giveaway was kind of spontaneous and the timeframe relatively short, I’m much satisfied with how many of you participated. I had much fun with this and there will be definetely another giveaway soon! For the next time I will consider changing the emphasis of some of the activities. I would also like to see you answering a specific question (don’t worry – something fun ^_^) in the comments instead of just posting one word. But we will see about that! 🙂

For future giveaways I will also try to find some sponsors or partners which hopefully means some nicer prizes for you guys. So feel free to contact me if you’re interested to team up or if you happen to know someone I could contact about this. It would be nice if we were able to top this giveaway with the next one!

Your feedback

I would like to know from you if you liked the way this giveaway took place and where you see need for improvement. Did you manage to use the tool easily or were there any problems? Do you think that the way how the tool draws and collects entries is fair and would you consider participating in the next giveaway?

If you would like to be informed about the next giveaway or any new tools I make for Grepolis it’s best if you sign up for the newsletter. Alternatively you can also always follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Stay tuned – there’s much more comming soon!

  • Jeffrey R am 18. April 2015 um 08:56 Uhr:

    Heei QT

    REally Awesome that im the winner, thank you very much.
    Ill make sure ill spend the 1500 credits wisely

    Thanks again, Jeffrey


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