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Grepolis Demeter 2017 – Recipe list

Most of you know how thes recipe events work but here’s a quick explanation of this years “Grepolis Demeter 2017” event.

  • You can combine 3 of 8 different ingredients to create a incantation.
  • You can collect up to 10 ingredients per day.
  • You get ingredients for the following ingame actions: Attacking and defending, Recruiting units, Research, Construction of buildings, Casting of spells.
  • 25 incantations will unlock the administrator for 2 weeks and 50 incantations unlock a new culture point (which means the complete amount of culture points worth for your current culture level – not just the amount of points which are missing for the next level).

Check out the best methods section on how to earn your ingredients fast and easy. After all this time Grepolis still didn’t change the underlying mechanics so this remains valid information for event and earning my ingredients just takes me a couple of minutes of repeating the same task. It’s kinda boring to do this so please post into the comments if you’ve found a more convenient way.

Best methods to gain ingredients

  • Repeatedly start and cancel a cheap research order like diplomacy
  • Repeatedly start and cancel a cheap building upgrade like the marketplace
  • If you have many cities you can probably get your daily ingredients simply by training troops. For example: Use the administrator’s recruiting feature in combination with city groups for Light ship / Bireme cities and you get your ingredients with only a couple of mouse clicks.

Important: Be careful if you’re using the first two tips as it is reported that the antibot mechanisms sometimes give alert which can result in a temporary ban.

Please remember: This is the recipe list for live worlds – not beta worlds

Recipe Book

  • T. Snippe am 1. February 2017 um 09:34 Uhr:

    I recruit 1 swords man

    10 times and done also easy fast and cheap