Grepolis units calculator

This tool aims to help you in finding the best builds for your army. You can compare two different versions with each other to see what is the better fit. This gets useful when it comes to having cities with mixed unit types and when mystical units are involved.
In a future update I will add the possibility to share builds via link or make a screenshot of them. I also want to implement the possibility to apply percentages so you’re able to create some nice building templates for you and your teammates. I will also consider adding this to directly to the Quack Toolsammlung. If you have more ideas you can post them into the comments. I think everybody would also appreciate if you share your builds so we can discuss them there. I will add the best and most interesting builds to the tool so everybody can learn from them.

If you don’t like this you can always use the old version on Google Docs (not maintained).
Old Tool

  • ruud heessels am 18. June 2015 um 20:11 Uhr:


  • I.Kaperoni am 18. June 2015 um 23:29 Uhr:

    I’ve just started to learn about Grepolis Units Calculator but I really believe it will be very useful to me

  • Lothar Frank am 19. June 2015 um 11:27 Uhr:


  • tom25 am 20. June 2015 um 22:31 Uhr:


  • Δημητρης am 1. July 2015 um 18:45 Uhr:

    Anyone knows instructions of how i use this “Grepolis units calculator”.Any tip would be very helpfull.Thx

    • Quackmaster am 2. July 2015 um 13:53 Uhr:

      They changed the icons with the last update which resulted in them not showing. Changed it and it should be clearer now 🙂

      You can basically compare different unit combinations to see what stats they would produce and which might be more effective. I often use this to see the impact mystical units have compared to normal units. For example: Just compare 1 Erinys with 55 slingers to see how effective Erinys are!

  • yeet am 15. April 2019 um 20:16 Uhr:



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