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Petition to stop “Warfare Packages”

News from the Beta: Innogames is exploring new possibilities to implement even more competitive advantages for Premium players. In exchange for a certain amount of money you can now buy so called “Warfare Packages” which contain bonuses like triple battle points, population expansion or troop reinforcements.

Although I do embrace the concept of using gold to support the game, I must say that the amount of effort they put into the monetization is getting kinda ridiculous! Mostly because other stuff desperately needs improvement…

For that reason, I want to express my support for all the people who right now try to make a change by starting petitions on their language markets. I urge everybody to sign these or to even start one on your markets as well if it doesn’t exist.

Here is a list of all the petitions I know of:

Post into the comments if you know of more petitions and I will add them to the list.



  • Flameinducer am 25. May 2015 um 22:21 Uhr:

    Thanks for putting this here! I set up the EN petition, and help started the US petition. Make sure to sign every single one! Thanks.

  • D Dom am 27. June 2015 um 13:19 Uhr:

    What makes this game is the amount of people that play- premiums have to provide an advantage – but it needs to be ballanced as not to deter newcomers from the game.


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