Summer Giveaway – Winner and conclusion

The winner of the Summer Giveaway is

Jim B. from Greece


The Giveaway in numbers

  • Participants: 401 people
  • Entries: 5588 entries
  • Top User: 166 entries
  • Result of the poll “What is your favourite tool to search for cities?”

    Grepolis Intel: 149
    Tonda’s Polissearch: 90
    Grepolis Victim Finder: 48

How the winner was selected

This was an automated process made by the tool ( I used for the giveaway. They use to draw a random entry. That means that your chance of being picked increased the more entries you had collected. By the way: I never had the possibility to to recognize some of you or to pick someone specifically because any info about you was encrypted the whole time.

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  • Prototype am 1. July 2015 um 09:35 Uhr:

    I had 166 entries! I didn’t participate everyday and thought someone would probably have more entries. Yet I was wrong 😀

  • Jim bak am 15. July 2015 um 16:30 Uhr:

    Wow I am the lucky winner!!!

    Thank’s a lot QT !!! you are great ^^


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