Version 2.38.00

  • Code (other): The script now works with Greasemonkey 1.15++ and Firefox 30++
  • Caves overview: Some to changes to the search function (code related mainly)
  • Toolbox: Tondas Polissuche is now the standard polissearch for al markets
  • Inactivity display: The function is now available for all markets
  • Reports: Bugfix: Folder sorting stopped the moving of reports via Drag&Drop from working
  • Google Docs: Bugfix: The input field to change to the URL got out of place in Chrome
  • Google Docs: Bugfix: The saved URL was deleted when the save function of the script manager was used
  • Transport calculator: The calculation of all troops which are stationed outside of the city is now temporarily disabled
  • Donations: Thank you so much for the ongoing support! A huge thank you goes to:
    • Edith M. – 10 Euro
    • Nepomuk P. – 50 Euro (wow!)
    • and one anonymous donator

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