Version 2.42.00

  • Translations: Improvement of GR (by genial)
  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by Stelvins)
  • Export function: The necessary library is now loaded as a @resource
  • Export function: A small black bottom bar with the copyright is addded to every image to avoid writing it into the screenshots
  • Export function (Bugfix): Some bonuses weren’t converted properly when a report was exported to an image
  • Export function (Bugfix): Sometimes parts of an image weren’t converted and a black space was shown instead
  • Command overview: The command overview can now be exported to an image
  • Simulator: The simulator can now be exported to an image (not fully functioning with Dio-Tools, no settings possible yet)
  • Donations: Thanks to all of you who get us one step closer to an own image hosting service!
    • Christian P. – 5€
    • Martin S. – 5€
    • Ian O. – 10€
    • Michael W. K. – 1$

Depending on how many movements there are at the same time, rendering and uploading a screenshot will take a while. In one of my tests a screenshot of 100 movements took me approximately 10 seconds. However this can vary extensively depending on your computer and used browser. If you’re unsure that the screenshot function works for you, you can open the console in your browser (Strg+Shift+I) and see if there are any errors during the process.

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