Version 2.47.00

  • Translations: Improvement of GR (by Tassos.28)
  • Translations: Improvement of NL (by necromancer97, nijtram1236)
  • Translations: Improvement of ES (by cuervobrujo)
  • BB-Codes (Bugfix): BB-Codes for troops, cities, and buildings didn’t work anymore
  • Export function (Bugfix): All bonuses of Tyche are now shown in the screenshots
  • Townlist (Bugfix): The extension of the townlist disappeared after switching cities
  • Alliance forum(Bugfix): A checkbox was unnecessarily added to the starting post of a thread
  • Messages (Bugfix): Using the button to show the whole message prevented the opening of the previously opened page
  • Command overview (Bugfix): Fixed some problems with the tooltips of the filter options and added the possibility to translate them
  • Code general: Changed the way features of the Toolsammlung are called
  • Donations: My thanks go to:
    • Wilhelm B. – 2 Euro
    • Anna G. – 0,01 Euro
    • Maria N. – 5 Euro

  • Version 2.47.01 am 15. January 2015 um 03:14 Uhr:

    La nueva version de Quack Toolsammlung
    no me deja quitar la opcion de ver la ciudad en nueva ventana
    y en mi pc no puedo jugar asi es una porqueria
    por mas que la intento quitar no puedo
    y por mas que trato de regresar a la version anterior tampoco puedo por favor arreglen eso o dejen bajar la version anterior
    dejare de usar este script hasta que se corrija eso


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