Version 2.48.00

  • Code general: The script settings are now working as they should

And that’s it for this update. 😉 I wanted to provide this bugfix as soon as possible because relatively many of you asked about it (all your transmitted translations etc. will of course be added with next update). I also wanted to make sure that this update will get rid of the underlying problem before I change anything else. Please send me some feedback if this in fact worked. If I didn’t mess up, your prior saved settings should also be reactived. Besides that the problem was also responsible for the compability problems with Firefox 36 and newer – this update should fix that.

To all script developers:

A change in Firefox 35 is the reason that the GM_listValues() function of Greasemonkey stops working. The devolopers of Greasemonkey are already informed. Let’s hope they find a fix for this soon.

  • Lo am 2. February 2015 um 04:47 Uhr:

    No change with new update. I am running FF 35.0.1

    Still cannot save changes to customize script functions. Old customizations have not been restored.

    Cannot download new version either. Download links all lead to blank page.

  • Quackmaster am 2. February 2015 um 09:02 Uhr:

    You need of course to install the new version to change settings. Which link are you using? You can also try the mirror links on the install page.

  • AdamN am 2. February 2015 um 19:58 Uhr:

    Works well on FireFox 36.0 Beta 5.


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