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Just a minor update but with a huge bunch of translations for you guys. Thanks for beeing so busy!

  • Jonh Snow am 6. March 2015 um 20:36 Uhr:

    do not know when I’ll be able to make a table with pictures in step excell then the numbers for you, also excuse the translation am Brazilian and I used google translate, did the best I could hope q can make a table to indicate how best to attack we use when we get a spy
    The table presents an important point, the ³ relativo’ value, let’s see; it is common sense that Nukes’ ³ must consist of only one type of unit, eg: 1500 recruits allow — 1500 Slingers – »1500 * 23 = 34500 Throwing Attack (AA) — 500 Knights -» 500 * 55 = 27500 Attack Impact (AI) — 1500 Hoplites – ‘1 * 1500 * 16 = 24000 Attack Court (AC) values ​​compared different for the same number of recruits, so the attacker usually has the decision of what type to combat defense, conseguindoespiar, the attacker has absolute advantage. More, according to the table eg umvalor defensive down to Court (DC) can not be inviting target to Bigas.Deve calculate the defensive relative value (DC) due to the other two types of defense, then the value ( DC) must be below, 76.38% of the defense Impact (DI) and 60.87% of the defense Throwing (DA) to be recommended to send Bigas assalto.Como this concept seems to be a bit abstract, nothing like present some examples that can be checked in simulador.A – A city with 750 swordsmen, 750 Hoplites presents basic defensive values: DI — — 24000DC 15000DA — 27750Que type ³ Nuke’ use? Hoplites or Bigas should result melhor.1200 Hoplites (893 casualties) 74.42% 300 Bigas (262) 87.33% 400 Knights
    defeat, resulting in low defense in 1350
     1200 Slingers
    defeat, resulting in low defense in 1490
     The most effective attack is the ³ Nuke’ Hoplite.

    B ± A city with 500 Swordsmen, Archers 900 and 275 Bigas (total 2500 recruits) DI — — 33300DC 30900DA — 41200 On the island have 3 types of ³ Nuke’, what use? Hoplites? ³ nope’ let us então.Da table base, relational theoretical values ​​determine that: You must use ³ Nuke’ Knight, when the DI is less than 114.56% of DC
    79.7% of DA³Nuke’ Hoplite, when DC is less than 87.29% of the DI
    Slinger DA³Nuke’ of 69.57% when the DA is less than% of the DI 125.48
    143.75% of DC³Nuke’ Biga, when DC is less than 76.38% of the DI 60.87% of DAEstes are our values ​​³sagrados’
    One of these situations is always true, we just have to find it. Assuming example we have relations: 33300 30900 41200
    100% 33300/30900 »» 107.77% 33300/41200 »» 80.83%
    30900/33300 »» 92.28%
    200 »» 75%
    41200/33300 »» 123.7% 41200/30900 »» 133.33% 100% We observed that the DA is under 125.48% of the DI and also below dos143,75% of DC, which clearly indicates that the ³ is the best Nuke’ Slinger and not oHoplita as the absolute values ​​still seemed indicar.Sendo Knight the second option, since the DI is under 114.56% DADC and only slightly above the 79.7% of AD. We can only get out from theory to practice and see the simulator, the following shall be victorious attacks: 833 Knights (568 casualties) 68.18% Hoplites 2500 (1835) 73.4% in 2500 Slingers (1676) 67.04%

    As the number of different low, which is reflected in dramatically etempos recruit recover resources. No purchase more result.The system in Culture Points can be automated in a spreadsheet to get resultadosimediatos. Questions? Surely there will expose them, try to clear up within my conhecimento.Próximo guide, ³Defesa’

    Note that basic parameters of each type of unit may be different from server to server and even the very suffering update, first of all you must be aware of this, what counts is the information of views units in the quarter.

    • Quackmaster am 7. March 2015 um 15:31 Uhr:

      I have to look at this when I have more time but the format of the text makes it a bit difficult to understand. Maybe it’s best if we discuss this via E-Mail.


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