Version 2.49.00


  • Translations: Improvement of NL (by H2ODelirious, Florent18)
  • Hides overview: Added some new features:
    A new display shows you the total anmount of silver in all your cities
    A new button downsizes each city box which lets you store your silver much faster (more cities visible, less scrolling)
  • Toolbox: Some minor changes to the menu. Some items are now summarized under “tools”
  • Toolbox: Changed the link from the old unit comparison tool to the new unit calculator
  • Donations: Thanks again guys for supporting the project! It it really helps me stay motivated even after all those years! Thank you:
    Markus B. – 1 €
    Sylvie S. – 10€
    Marcel P. – 20€
    Manuela M. – 5€

  • GrepoPlayer am 22. April 2015 um 18:57 Uhr:

    Inactivity only shows 0 for everyone after the update. If you check Tondas town search manually you see that 0 is incorrect.

    • Quackmaster am 24. April 2015 um 20:02 Uhr:

      This will be resolved with the next update. There were some changes in Tonda’s polissearch which requires the rewrite of the feature on my end.


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