Version 2.50.00

  • Translations: Improvement of IT (by Pero70)
  • Island overview: Minor style changes to the different content boxes
  • Hides overview (Bugfix): The display for the total anmount of silver doesn’t show “NaN” anymore if a city doesn’t have a cave
  • Hides overview (Bugfix): The display for the total anmount of silver was miscalculated if a cave wasn’t level 10
  • Hides overview: While using the minimized list view, a plus or minus sign is added if a city is on an island with a high or low silver production, because depending on the island type some like to adjust the amount of silver they want to store.
  • Screenshot export (Bugfix): Made some necessary changes to compensate for the transition of Grepolis to SSL
  • Inactivity display: Complete overhaul of the code due to some changes of Tonda’s Polissearch
  • Inactivity display (Bugfix): There should now be a inactivity display in the alliance window for every visible member and ally
  • Barracks and harbour: The new tooltipps are now disabled (you can enable them again by changing the setting in the script manager)
  • Donations: Thank your Andreas H. – 5€ and Andrea W. – 3€ for your support!

Right now the inactivity display isn’t able to give you the more detailed inactivity time (like 2.25 days), because I don’t have access to the data anymore. You need to visit Tonda’s Polissearch for yourself to get the information by clicking on the inactivity display. The inactivity is also sometime misscalculated for people with 0 points and cities. Tonda is working on fix for this. However those people shouldn’t be that interesting anyway 😉

Unfortunately it seems that you need one more extra step to enable the inactivity display:
Visit and allow the certificate in your browser. After that the display should also work ingame.

I try to find a solution for this but this all because of the latest changes of Grepolis and my hands are kinda tied – let’s hope for the best!

  • Edwin am 5. May 2015 um 14:05 Uhr:

    De problems are stil not solved.

    • Quackmaster am 5. May 2015 um 14:17 Uhr:

      I know about the inactivity display – which other problems are you refering to?

      • Edwin am 6. May 2015 um 22:33 Uhr:

        Here i have no other problems, so far i now.
        Only an alliance profile you can not see the inactivity of a player.
        When I click on the button, I’ll be there with a new tab.
        Only then i see the information.

  • Jonh Snow am 6. May 2015 um 14:42 Uhr:

    Your script of the academy still does not work in br server.
    It would be a good calculator that sript tankers told us how many we destroy or build.

    It would be good that the sript of slow and fast transport ships calculator told us how many we destroy or build.

    I do not know if this script is forbidden or not.
    But he has a support count and supensos attacks that I liked.
    More not know if it is authorized and as has incompatibility with Grepolis Report Convert your script and I pulled out of my PC.
    The other thing also reach the time where it indicates without the precision we are looking one by one the city of where to send the nearest settler, it is also a good.

    This script gym is also a good idea could be cleaned and added to yours.

  • Quackmaster am 6. May 2015 um 23:19 Uhr:

    I don’t think I’m able to add my acadamy script anymore – they changed too much in that window 🙁 But the script you suggested looks good – I will talk to the author of the script about adding it!

  • Jonh Snow am 20. May 2015 um 04:35 Uhr:

    would it be possible to add something in the script to help us support requests?

  • joeman am 8. October 2015 um 20:37 Uhr:

    like this form of post defenders of reports , it is easy to comprehension for members


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