Version 2.51.00

  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by tesseus)
  • City view (Bugfix): Some modifications to match the changes of the recent Grepolis update which made scrolling of the map impossible
  • Screenshot Export: You can now make a screenshot of the overview window where all of your troops are listed which support a certain town
  • Tooltipps: The new unit tooltipps should be disabled almost anywhere now (you can enable them again by changing the setting in the script manager). Tell me if I forgot some important place or if you wish a feature where you can individually change the use of these tooltipps for certain windows or overviews.
  • Senate: Points for buildings weren’t calculated correctly because of a recent Grepolis update
  • Donations: Many awesome people decided to support the project this time – that’s amazing and motivates so much to keep on improving Grepolis for you guys! 🙂
    • Dirk W. – 5€
    • Mixalhs B. – 1€
    • Maria N. – 1€
    • Danijel K. – 2€
    • Maria N. – 1€
    • Sven B. – 3€

  • Judd am 21. May 2015 um 00:47 Uhr:

    When can we expect an update to repair the trading window extension?

    Thanks for all of your great work!

  • Jay am 21. May 2015 um 06:00 Uhr:

    The trade window is broken. I must again type in the values to trade between my cities. When will this be repaired?

  • Quackmaster am 21. May 2015 um 08:17 Uhr:

    Depends on how severe the changes are to that window. I hadn’t had the time to look into that. Maybe this evening or tomorrow but I will push out an update as soon as this is fixed.

  • Jonh Snow am 21. May 2015 um 15:09 Uhr:

    would it be possible to add something in the script to help us support requests?

  • Quackmaster am 21. May 2015 um 15:21 Uhr:

    I was once thinking about adding something like this, but then some other tools also implemented this (Dio I think) and I didn’t want to appear as a copycat 😀
    But I’m not really satisfied with their solutions because the request templates are in my opinion a little bit too stuffed with images and whitespace. I like my information more compact and would therefore organize the requests differently.

    • Jonh Snow am 31. May 2015 um 06:03 Uhr:

      no script helps make a support request if you add would be the best scripts

  • Rui am 22. May 2015 um 19:28 Uhr:

    In this script a button like it had in Dio-Tools in the resources to send reources to wonders and our cities is missing, and with the new update there are no script to do so 🙁


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