Version 2.52.00

  • Translations: Improvement of ES (by -BENHUR-)
  • General: Due to the tranfer of Grepolis to https, it is not possible anymore to show tool & stats websites in a window inside of the game. So sadly I had to remove that feature completely.
  • Trade window (Bugfix): The buttons from the trade improvement do work again (Grepolis is currently having a bug where the calculation of the capacity switches to the old style after a trade – this has nothing to do with the script)
  • Tooltips (Bugfix): Totally forgot to add the setting to switch them back on. This should also fix the problem with tooltips still showing in Chrome – try resetting the settings of the script.
  • Tooltips (Bugfix): Tooltips in the sidebar now stay deactivated after town switches or when troop movements take place
  • Tooltips (Bugfix): Tooltips for heroes are now deactivated, too
  • Settings: Did some changes to the settings menu but this needs some serious renovations!
  • Donations: Thanks again for supporting the project! You’re awesome! 🙂
    • UBassoon – 10€
    • Bernd R. – 1€
    • Wolfgang R. – 10€

  • chris am 25. May 2015 um 22:50 Uhr:

    Could you upload the right script?

  • Quackmaster am 25. May 2015 um 23:41 Uhr:

    It seems that has some troubles at the moment. They updated the version internally but not the script itself. You can use one of the download mirrors – there everything is as it should be.


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