What are your favorite Halloween event 2015 rewards?

Select all the rewards you like (it’s possible to select more than one). I will send the result of this poll to the developers of Grepolis.

  • vifirehati am 29. October 2015 um 01:40 Uhr:

    Manticores Reinforcement

  • carmen-9 am 29. October 2015 um 18:43 Uhr:

    Manticoras mejor unidad de ataque de grepolis

  • skiboot am 29. October 2015 um 19:47 Uhr:

    It’s not about favourite rewards but balanced rewards.

    You can get 60 manticores in 5 hrs. In the same time you can make 240 archers with the top package. That’s not balance.

  • Wolveman am 29. October 2015 um 21:47 Uhr:

    My favorite is the manticore reward. I think it is a great action to celebrate haloween. And x-mas is still to come!

  • gestoner am 31. October 2015 um 15:22 Uhr:

    My question,,why not Triemes

    • Quackmaster am 31. October 2015 um 15:25 Uhr:

      Good question! I just listed all of the rewards of the current Halloween event but those would be a nice addition to future events!

  • Beo am 31. October 2015 um 18:09 Uhr:

    @Skiboot. You are right. There is no balance between defensive and offensive. With the events off-players (and especially the goldusers) are always ahead of the players who like to play defensive. Even complete noobs can conquer cities from experienced players by throwing gold. Unfortunately these days you don’t win or losein this game, you buy a victory.

  • dalton09 am 3. November 2015 um 04:21 Uhr:

    How come the event is not resetting hasnt for almost days now and I cant get the use of anything VERY DISSAPPOINTED………………

    • Quackmaster am 3. November 2015 um 12:28 Uhr:

      Did you contact the support of Grepolis?

  • roscoe am 7. November 2015 um 11:22 Uhr:

    why no chain lightening?!

    • Quackmaster am 7. November 2015 um 15:13 Uhr:

      Because there’s no chain lightning in this years Halloween event.


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