• General: Repaired the unit calculator page (thank you David for letting me know and for your donation!)
  • General: Removed all unnecessary tool and statistic pages everywhere
  • General: Added grepoworld.com to the list of statistic pages
  • General: Removed the Grepo Stats button and the inactivity display because the don’t work anymore
  • General: Preparations for the upcoming In Demeter’s Name event.
  • Screenshot Tool: Removal of the sponsor link. You will now be redirected directly to your screenshot without detours.
  • Reports: Removal of the new bashpoint icon to reserve space for more important stuff.
  • Donations: A couple of months old but I didn’t forget you! Thank you – I really appreciate it!
    Jean Marie T. – 1€
    Peter F. – 2€


  • General: Added some buttons to the Halloween event window so you easily visit the online recipe book which I created. There are also two buttons to the current 1500 Gold Giveaway which I’m hosting and a poll about your favorite event rewards!
  • Donations: A huge thank you goes to the following people this time:
    Ines L. – 10€ (again – you’re awesome! 🙂 )
    Ivica K. – 5€
    Andreas E. – 5€
  • Senate: Fixed wrong calculation of the building points when a building was queued. This happened after the last update of Grepolis
  • Senate: Pushed all the necessary style for the building points display into the css file
  • Donations: Thank you Daniel W. for your donation of 1€ and thank you Nelson A. for your donation of 2€!
  • General: Some changes and bugfixes throughout the script to balance out the Grepolis update 2.94
  • General: I started to separate all the (CSS) styles into another single file. Not going into detail here but on the longrun I hope to increase the performance and robustness (against Grepolis updates) of the script. If you experience any problems try reloading the page one time. After that it should all work out.
  • Donations: My thanks go to the following people for keeping up the support – thank you!
    David P. – 1€
    Michael M. – 4€
    Hans-Jörg S. – 5€
    Sántha L. – 1€
    Sven B. – 2€
  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by WarOfGood)
  • Translations: Improvement of ES (by pinxu85)
  • Inactivity display: It’s back! And hopefully working for everyone…! Sry it took so long but this was a tricky one!
  • Donations: Thank you so much Sabine S. for your generous donation of 20€!

Something for you to remember: On the occasion of the new summer event of Grepolis there is another giveaway of a 10 € Paysafe card (1500 Gold) comming soon! Like last time you will be able to win additional points (tickets) every day to boost your winning chance. Subscribe to the newsletter or follow Grepolis QT on Facebook and Twitter if you don’t want to miss this first day of the giveaway!

  • Translations: Improvement of ES (by -BENHUR-)
  • General: Due to the tranfer of Grepolis to https, it is not possible anymore to show tool & stats websites in a window inside of the game. So sadly I had to remove that feature completely.
  • Trade window (Bugfix): The buttons from the trade improvement do work again (Grepolis is currently having a bug where the calculation of the capacity switches to the old style after a trade – this has nothing to do with the script)
  • Tooltips (Bugfix): Totally forgot to add the setting to switch them back on. This should also fix the problem with tooltips still showing in Chrome – try resetting the settings of the script.
  • Tooltips (Bugfix): Tooltips in the sidebar now stay deactivated after town switches or when troop movements take place
  • Tooltips (Bugfix): Tooltips for heroes are now deactivated, too
  • Settings: Did some changes to the settings menu but this needs some serious renovations!
  • Donations: Thanks again for supporting the project! You’re awesome! 🙂
    • UBassoon – 10€
    • Bernd R. – 1€
    • Wolfgang R. – 10€
  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by tesseus)
  • City view (Bugfix): Some modifications to match the changes of the recent Grepolis update which made scrolling of the map impossible
  • Screenshot Export: You can now make a screenshot of the overview window where all of your troops are listed which support a certain town
  • Tooltipps: The new unit tooltipps should be disabled almost anywhere now (you can enable them again by changing the setting in the script manager). Tell me if I forgot some important place or if you wish a feature where you can individually change the use of these tooltipps for certain windows or overviews.
  • Senate: Points for buildings weren’t calculated correctly because of a recent Grepolis update
  • Donations: Many awesome people decided to support the project this time – that’s amazing and motivates so much to keep on improving Grepolis for you guys! 🙂
    • Dirk W. – 5€
    • Mixalhs B. – 1€
    • Maria N. – 1€
    • Danijel K. – 2€
    • Maria N. – 1€
    • Sven B. – 3€
  • Translations: Improvement of IT (by Pero70)
  • Island overview: Minor style changes to the different content boxes
  • Hides overview (Bugfix): The display for the total anmount of silver doesn’t show “NaN” anymore if a city doesn’t have a cave
  • Hides overview (Bugfix): The display for the total anmount of silver was miscalculated if a cave wasn’t level 10
  • Hides overview: While using the minimized list view, a plus or minus sign is added if a city is on an island with a high or low silver production, because depending on the island type some like to adjust the amount of silver they want to store.
  • Screenshot export (Bugfix): Made some necessary changes to compensate for the transition of Grepolis to SSL
  • Inactivity display: Complete overhaul of the code due to some changes of Tonda’s Polissearch
  • Inactivity display (Bugfix): There should now be a inactivity display in the alliance window for every visible member and ally
  • Barracks and harbour: The new tooltipps are now disabled (you can enable them again by changing the setting in the script manager)
  • Donations: Thank your Andreas H. – 5€ and Andrea W. – 3€ for your support!

Right now the inactivity display isn’t able to give you the more detailed inactivity time (like 2.25 days), because I don’t have access to the data anymore. You need to visit Tonda’s Polissearch for yourself to get the information by clicking on the inactivity display. The inactivity is also sometime misscalculated for people with 0 points and cities. Tonda is working on fix for this. However those people shouldn’t be that interesting anyway 😉

Unfortunately it seems that you need one more extra step to enable the inactivity display:
Visit https://polissearch.marco93.de and allow the certificate in your browser. After that the display should also work ingame.

I try to find a solution for this but this all because of the latest changes of Grepolis and my hands are kinda tied – let’s hope for the best!



  • Translations: Improvement of NL (by H2ODelirious, Florent18)
  • Hides overview: Added some new features:
    A new display shows you the total anmount of silver in all your cities
    A new button downsizes each city box which lets you store your silver much faster (more cities visible, less scrolling)
  • Toolbox: Some minor changes to the menu. Some items are now summarized under “tools”
  • Toolbox: Changed the link from the old unit comparison tool to the new unit calculator
  • Donations: Thanks again guys for supporting the project! It it really helps me stay motivated even after all those years! Thank you:
    Markus B. – 1 €
    Sylvie S. – 10€
    Marcel P. – 20€
    Manuela M. – 5€
  • Translations: Improvement of PT (by Jahmaica)
  • Code general: Added include for https
  • Donations: Thank you Carsten for your donation of 1 € 😉

Minor changes to make the script adapt to the last Grepolis update

*edit: Darn it..forgot to “include the include”… therefore the jump in the version history

  • Translations: Improvement of ES (by TovarischKoba, Wymir)
  • Translations: Improvement of HU (by Vermunds)
  • Translations: Improvement of IT (by Psy17)
  • Translations: Added PT (by cybern, Drica0)
  • Donations: A huge thank you goes to the following persons for supporting the project:
    • Martin D. – 1€
    • Ronald H. – 10€
    • Michael M. – 5€

Just a minor update but with a huge bunch of translations for you guys. Thanks for beeing so busy!

  • Code general: The script settings are now working as they should

And that’s it for this update. 😉 I wanted to provide this bugfix as soon as possible because relatively many of you asked about it (all your transmitted translations etc. will of course be added with next update). I also wanted to make sure that this update will get rid of the underlying problem before I change anything else. Please send me some feedback if this in fact worked. If I didn’t mess up, your prior saved settings should also be reactived. Besides that the problem was also responsible for the compability problems with Firefox 36 and newer – this update should fix that.

To all script developers:

A change in Firefox 35 is the reason that the GM_listValues() function of Greasemonkey stops working. The devolopers of Greasemonkey are already informed. Let’s hope they find a fix for this soon.

  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by BeerCode)
  • Translations: Improvement of IT (by Sluggish)
  • Commands overview (Bugfix): The screenshot button does work again
  • Inactivity display (Bugfix): Inactivity for players with 0 cities was miscalculated because they aren’t listed in Tonda’s townsearch anymore. The display will now be grey and the mouse popup will show “This player is not listed in the database”
  • Spenden: Many thanks to Katharine S. and Herbert W.  for their donations of 10€ and 5€!
  • Translations: Improvement of GR (by Tassos.28)
  • Translations: Improvement of NL (by necromancer97, nijtram1236)
  • Translations: Improvement of ES (by cuervobrujo)
  • BB-Codes (Bugfix): BB-Codes for troops, cities, and buildings didn’t work anymore
  • Export function (Bugfix): All bonuses of Tyche are now shown in the screenshots
  • Townlist (Bugfix): The extension of the townlist disappeared after switching cities
  • Alliance forum(Bugfix): A checkbox was unnecessarily added to the starting post of a thread
  • Messages (Bugfix): Using the button to show the whole message prevented the opening of the previously opened page
  • Command overview (Bugfix): Fixed some problems with the tooltips of the filter options and added the possibility to translate them
  • Code general: Changed the way features of the Toolsammlung are called
  • Donations: My thanks go to:
    • Wilhelm B. – 2 Euro
    • Anna G. – 0,01 Euro
    • Maria N. – 5 Euro
  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by tesseus, Jonh Snow)
  • Translations: Improvement of NL (by Thodoris)
  • Caves overview (Bugfix): Some elements wrongfully appeared in the foreground during scrolling
  • User profile: Inactivity display added
  • Donations: Many thanks for your christmas presents – much appreciated!
    • Sandra M. – 5€
    • Lea Renate G. – 10€
    • Helena E. – 5€
    • Mercedes G. – 1€
    • Alexander S. – 10 €
    • Peter F. – 1€
    • Martina S – 1€

Grepolis QT Screenshot edit canvas drawing

  • Translations: Improvement of  BR (by tesseus, Jonh Snow)
  • Translations: Changed the upload animation symbol to the new Grepolis load animation (previously hourglass)
  • Export function: Changed the upload animation symbol to the new Grepolis load animation (previously hourglass)
  • Export function: You can now easily add your own drawings to your screenshots by using one of the following tools: Eraser, pencil, arrow, straight line, rectangel or circle. Changing of the line width and color is possible, too.
  • Donations: One christmastly greeting goes to Benedikt K. for his donation of 2 Euro.
  • Translations: Improvement of  ES (by Guerrero2013)
  • Translations: Improvement of  IT (by Psy17)
  • Translations: Improvement of  EN (by cedomaiori)
  • Translations: Improvement of  NL (by Siloperg47)
  • Town Info (Bugfix): The buttons of the “no overload” extension were under certain circumstances added multiple times to a window
  • BB-Code: Town lists are now numbered (idea by M0e)
  • Reports (Bugfix): After the last Grepolis Update spell reports missed the used god
  • Export function: Error message changed (more info, removal of the donation link)
  • Code (other): Improvements of the code throughout the script
  • Donations: My thank you for supporting the project goes to:
    • David M. – 10 €
    • Thomas M. W. – 3 €
  • Translations: Improvement of ES
  • Export function: The settings part of the export window won’t be loaded if there are no settings
  • Export function: Some minor cosmetic changes to the borders of the exported images
  • Wall: The wall can now be exported to an image
  • Agora: The defense and outside tabs of the agora can now be exported to an image
  • Donations: Thank you Ines L. for your donation of 10 € !
  • Translations: Improvement of GR (by genial)
  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by Stelvins)
  • Export function: The necessary library is now loaded as a @resource
  • Export function: A small black bottom bar with the copyright is addded to every image to avoid writing it into the screenshots
  • Export function (Bugfix): Some bonuses weren’t converted properly when a report was exported to an image
  • Export function (Bugfix): Sometimes parts of an image weren’t converted and a black space was shown instead
  • Command overview: The command overview can now be exported to an image
  • Simulator: The simulator can now be exported to an image (not fully functioning with Dio-Tools, no settings possible yet)
  • Donations: Thanks to all of you who get us one step closer to an own image hosting service!
    • Christian P. – 5€
    • Martin S. – 5€
    • Ian O. – 10€
    • Michael W. K. – 1$

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  • Translations: Improvement of FR (by jojopt)
  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by tesseus)
  • Toolbox: Multiple improvements to the code
  • Toolbox: Better performance during opening/closing
  • Toolbox: Long names are now supported and no longer break the menu
  • Toolbox: Adjusts automatically if the Grepolis Toolkit is installed (FR only)
  • Reports (Bugfix): The losses of ressources weren’t shown if heroes were involved in the battle.
  • Reports: Reports can now be uploaded as a screenshot directly from within the game. There are different customizations possible to hide certain parts of a report

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  • Translations: Improvement of FR (by ToolFire, aldo666)
  • Translations: Improvement of GR (by ioannis.ioannis)
  • Translations: Improvement of NL (by Siloperg47)
  • Translations: Improvement of HU (by Shia-ko)
  • Alliance forum (Bugfix): The width of the forum did change in combination with the GRC
  • Messages: Changes to the width of the recipient and subject box.

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  • Translations: Improvement of PL (by danon2)
  • Translations: Improvement of GR (by juvekdk, ΤζονακοςΚ)
  • Translations: Improvement of FR (by jbrek)
  • Translations: Improvement of ES (by cuervobrujo)
  • Hotkeys (Bugfix): The hotkey to open the notes is now working again
  • Hotkeys: The hotkey to open the towngroup overview is temporarily disabled until Grepolis resolves a bug which can be triggered by this feature
  • Toolbox: New symbol for the Grepolis Finder
  • Translations: Improvement of FR (by jbrek)
  • Translations: Improvement of RO (by BaietelulCelFrumusel)
  • Translations: Improvement of GR (by adipas.ioannis)
  • Donations: A huge thank you goes to the following persons for their generous donations:
    • Carsten R. – 5 Euro
    • Nick K. – 0,74 Euro
    • Eduard R. – 3 Euro
  • Translations: Improvement of NL (by HGamert)
  • Translations: Added RO (by BaietelulCelFrumusel)
  • Stats & Scripts list: Link update
  • Code (other): Minor changes to the code
  • City view (Bugfix): The container of the buildings queue won’t change its position anymore if windows are minimized
  • Translations: Improvement of GR (by adipas.ioannis)
  • Translations: Improvement of RU (by Jestex)
  • Hotkeys: The hotkeys can be deactivated in the script manager
  • City view: The city view is again displayed in a window (it is possible to deactivate this in the script manager)
  • Grepolismenu (Bugfix): The graphics for the town view button didn’t change under certain circumstances
  • Donations: Thank you Claines C. C. for your donation of 3 Euro
  • Translations: Improvement of GR (by adipas.ioannis)
  • Translations: Improvement of PL (by danon2)
  • Stats & Scripts list (Bugfix): Display error fixed
  • Grepolismenu: The button to open the townview opens only the new townview now (due to a recent update of Grepolis)
  • Hotkeys: The hotkey to open the townview opens the new townview now (due to a recent update of Grepolis)
  • Quests: The script now permanently saves if the quest arrow should be displayed or not (it is possible to change this in the script manager, too)
  • Alliance forum: The buttons to delete multiple posts are now displayed independently from any authorizations a player might have
  • Alliance forum: The buttons to delete multiple posts are now displayed only if it is possible to delete a post on a page
  • Farming villages ov.: Cities can be switched with the up/down arrow keys
  • Farming villages ov.: Overhaul of the design of the citylist
  • Farming villages ov.: Show/hide cities of an island with a click on one of the brown island headers
  • Farming villages ov.: Farmed islands get a symbolic representation
  • Farming villages ov.: After farming all cities of an island are getting hidden automatically (possible to disable in the scriptmanager and in window)
  • Donations: Thank you Kevin T. for your donation of 5 Euro and thank you Thomas R. for your 10 Euro!
  • Code (other) (Bugfix): Under certain circumstances Grepolis was reloaded multiple times
  • Code (other): The script now works with Greasemonkey 1.15++ and Firefox 30++
  • Caves overview: Some to changes to the search function (code related mainly)
  • Toolbox: Tondas Polissuche is now the standard polissearch for al markets
  • Inactivity display: The function is now available for all markets
  • Reports: Bugfix: Folder sorting stopped the moving of reports via Drag&Drop from working
  • Google Docs: Bugfix: The input field to change to the URL got out of place in Chrome
  • Google Docs: Bugfix: The saved URL was deleted when the save function of the script manager was used
  • Transport calculator: The calculation of all troops which are stationed outside of the city is now temporarily disabled
  • Donations: Thank you so much for the ongoing support! A huge thank you goes to:
    • Edith M. – 10 Euro
    • Nepomuk P. – 50 Euro (wow!)
    • and one anonymous donator